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I’m passionate about design and sculpture. I’m completely self taught in a variety of art forms and I’ve studied everything from anatomy to costume design. Miniatures are my go to output because of their size - you can create just about anything without limitation. Even model terrain affords the opportunity to be an architect or a landscape gardener.


I’ve sculpted professionally since 2008, completing private commissions for individuals as well as products for replication and retail by miniature manufacturers. Reproduction means took place in metal, resin and PVC. My larger work, which included chess pieces and ornamental statuettes has also been reproduced in polystone and gypsum plaster.


My aim with the Edinburgh Miniature Company is to create a regular outlet for my work - producing useful and unique miniatures of my own design that people will enjoy, and continuing to accept commissions from private individuals and organisations. 


More than that I hope to initiate a body of work that will grow over time across a variety of ranges, and perhaps recruit fellow fellow artists centred around Edinburgh for the journey.


I hope you enjoy my work, and invite you to follow the Edinburgh Miniature Company on social media where you can contact and interact directly with me.



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