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Please use the enquiry form below if you would like to commission a sculpture.


As a general rule the maximum cost of a sculpt will never exceed more than £10 per mm in height - a 6mm scaled sculpt will never cost more than £60 and a 28mm sculpt will never cost more than £280.


Costing may be significantly lower than the above rule depending on the complexity and nature of the sculpt - communicating with the customer is key here and I’ve always found it to be an enjoyable experience, especially when the customer is as enthusiastic about the work as I am.

Here's how commissioning works:


  1. Complete the enquiry form below with as much information as you can

  2. I’ll confirm my availability via email (usually within 24 hrs) and then arrange a follow up discussion with you. This discussion can be via email, messaging/texting or even a facetime call, whatever works for you!

  3. Once we’ve agreed the commission I’ll send you an invoice via paypal confirming all the details and cost, and I’ll begin sculpting

  4. I’ll share work in progress shots with you via your preferred method to check the output is meeting your requirements. I usually work with a medium that requires heat (oven baking) to harden, so alterations following customer feedback are easy - I won't cure the sculpt until the last moment

  5. I’ll share images of the finished piece with you and once you are satisfied, you make payment based on the invoice you received

  6. Upon receipt of funds I’ll post the piece to you and it’s all yours! 


Additional considerations:


  • I work directly from the customers own designs, they retain ownership of that visual IP and also the master sculpture produced by me.

  • Sometimes when a sculpture is taking shape I’ll suggest the addition of small details to add interest to a flat area or improve the overall composition and characterisation. Translating something from 2D into 3D requires a degree of creativity.

  • If the sculpt is to join an existing range of miniatures or be compatible with it in some way, I will request the customer sends me a sample of that range to work against.

  • If commissioning a series of similarly styled sculptures (such as a regiment or team) then cost can be reduced by accepting a single head/helmet, weapon and shield sculpt which the customer can replicate for production. Duplication of individual parts can increase the cost by up to £100. 

  • Test casts and limited production runs of the sculpture can be arranged for the customer upon request at additional costs.

  • Timeframes for delivery of the piece will be agreed and included on the initial invoice, as will delivery method - the means of shipping can be requested by the customer however it must always be recorded, tracked and signed for.

Enquire about a commission

Thanks for submitting!

"Delivering a bespoke sculpture to someone's specifications is exceptionally satisfying"

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