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28mm hoplite miniature, perfect for Greek Mythology or adding a fantasy streak to your historical miniature collection. 


Suitable as a single hero character, the leader of a hoplite phalanax or as part of an elite god aligned hero unit within your existing collection.


- 28mm scale aligned with historical miniatures

- 4 part miniature requiring assembly

- Supplied unpainted

- White metal alloy

- Base not included

Acheron Guard

    • Miniatures are not toys and therefore unsuitable for anyoune under 16 years of age
    • Cast in a white metal alloy that may contain lead, suitable safety precautions should be taken when working with this product
    • Product requires removal of mould lines and flash resulting from the manufacturing process prior to assembly
    • Miniatures should also be washed in soapy water to remove mould release agents prior to painting
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